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October 19, 2016

Long after Halloween passes, many taxpayers across the country will continue to be haunted by the curious faces of phantom income. For some, there is hope; a CPA can often curtail, mitigate, or at the very least prepare a taxpayer for the trauma associated with paying tax on income that was never 'cash in hand.' For others, taxes will never be the same...


For cash-basis taxpayers, ‘Phantom Income’—aka the ‘Tax Bogeyman’, aka the ‘Green Reaper’, aka the ‘Phantom of the IRS’—is a spooky phen...

October 13, 2016

If you are a micro- to medium-sized business owner, consider reevaluating the role of retirement planning in your business operations as well as in your individual tax ‘portfolio.’


Choosing the right retirement solution for your small business can be instrumental in providing growth and security for yourself, your employees, and your enterprise as a whole.

The tax advantages of small business retirement plans include:

  • Tax deductions for employer contributions to employee plans (including...

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